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I have met up with and played golf with some great people over the summer. This has been a great way to meet people with a common interest.


It helped me make the first step of finding a dance partner. In the end I found a partner elsewhere, but Sportpartner was a good platform to get started.


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Hi My name is Lukasz and I’m 42 years old; looking for fun people to cycle with. I mainly enjoy road cycling but also into off road. I live in East London. Please look me up on Strava and Komoot. Hope to hear from you soon! Full profile
Hi! I am looking for some activity. I like to walking and hiking although I do not have much experience in long trips. I love mountains and beauty of the nature. I tried some climbing wall and I liked it but I do not have any friend with who I could do that. England is not my family country therefore I am trying to find somebody on this website. Full profile
Hi, I play indoor hockey a couple of times a week but I'm looking to do a little more exercise to top that up. I'd like to find someone to play badminton or squash with. I haven't played for years and I was no more than low intermediate back then, so I don't want to play anyone too advanced 😅 Full profile
Hey I’m Anthony, looking for active people to make friends with. Maybe show me some activities your into. I’m an intermediate tennis player who enjoys playing for fun and practice. Same with Golf. Anybody who goes to David Lloyd Kidbrook also shout me for a gym buddy or a social 👍🏻 Full profile
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10 years

10 years

Sportpartner have helped people being more social and active for 10 years. To get to know people and make friends. To have a healthier and more fun life. Sign up and see members near you.



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Majolijn found 45 walking buddies and had 3 test walks. Are you the 4th?

Marjolijn is a 66 year old woman who loves her life and is looking for a friend to go on walks with. Read about how Sportpartner has already helped her 3 times!

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Zrbwi · this year

Great product

Thanks a lot. Had fun.

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Very good

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