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I have met up with and played golf with some great people over the summer. This has been a great way to meet people with a common interest.


I didn't know Sportpartner existed till my friend mentioned it. So grateful to have found a sport partner so we can encourage each other and enjoy good health


In the UK there are many more people interested in working out

In the UK there are tens of thousands of members on Sportpartner. Also from your local area. Sign up and have a look around. Without any obligations. Remember, you only regret the things you didn't do.

I have been into fitness for a long time many years now I started when I bought my first set of dumbbells at the age of 12 and I have been training ever since but recently I have decided to push my fitness to the next level currently working on a six pack, also studying level 2 Gym Instructor course as well as a Level 3 Diploma in Personal training, next will be studying nutrition and group training course. Looking for like minded people to connect with and help each other to reach those fitness goals. I am currently working on a six pack the aim being to have the best six pack I possibly can by cutting body fat percentage to less than 5%. It has been hard and challenging but I am very close now it has got the shape. I have also started writing a fitness blog this year the aim being to provide to, health, fitness and wellbeing advice to as many people as possible across the world for free. Living a healthy lifestyle is a choice we should all be able to make and it should not have to be financial burden. Now let’s connect to help each other. Full profile
What's up I'm kye, Im a tattooist and I like strength training getting very strong Full profile
Looking for a workout partner! Male or female I don’t mind. New to the area and I know having a workout buddy helps push you in so many ways! Full profile
Looking for someone to do boxing and kickboxing pad work with in Clapham Common or Wandsworth common. Intermediate to advanced level Full profile
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10 years

10 years

Sportpartner have helped people being more social and active for 10 years. To get to know people and make friends. To have a healthier and more fun life. Sign up and see members near you.



Sportpartner works so well because all profiles are screened manually. As such, the reliability of the members is very high. Our team of employees closely monitor the website daily.



Your privacy comes first with us. You don't have to fill in anything that isn't necessary. Your data isn't sold and the whole website is heavily secured with an SSL certificate.

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On Sportpartner you can find a workout partner in your area. In fact, not only for finding a workout partner, but for all kinds of sports buddies. With tens of thousands of members in the UK chances are that you too will find a workout partner. And because Sportpartner has been developed for this one specific goal, it has been working very well for over 10 years.

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Sportpartner offers a completely free basic membership. This allows you to view all your matches, without any prior obligations. Does it not work for you? Then you can simply unsubscribe again. Only after you are very certain about the number of matches you have, you will be asked whether you want to upgrade or not. Found your match? Our Premium membership does not have a termination period! Unsubscribe anytime you want. Just try it, look around for free with the Basic membership.

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Val · this month

Good website

Sportpartner is a nicely designed website to meet people. It is easy to use too. My observation and experience is that when you message people, they do not answer to either accept or decline your interest of wanted to meeting for sport activities.

Chris · this month


Great service

FriendlyMan · this month

Pleased user

I think it is a great idea, keep it up!

Together is more

“You'll mostly regret the things you haven't done.”