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I love some sports and seeking a female friend who shares my love Full profile
Hi. I'm in my mid-forties, and, moved to the Weybridge recently. I am looking to find partners to play badminton... I've played badminton on and off casually for some time, but, would put myself as a beginner as I've not played for a couple of years now... I would love to connect with people who are interested in the game, and, want to play. I'm flexible with timing and locations in or near Weybrdige... Full profile
Reasonably good badminton doubles player looking for casual games for fun and exercise on a regular basis. Full profile
I’m a Personal Trainer from Glasgow. Working in North Berwick but stay in Musselburgh, just looking for any like minded gym training partners with access to multiple gyms including PureGym Fkinnaird and Cameron toll/sport enthusiasts such as rugby, mountain biking etc you’ll obviously get a lot of motivation from myself from it being my profession to do so, along side learning as you go as well from what I do or can help you with (willing to take online mock clients in exchange for testimonials) 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ Full profile

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10 years

10 years

Sportpartner have helped people being more social and active for 10 years. To get to know people and make friends. To have a healthier and more fun life. Sign up and see members near you.



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On Sportpartner you can find a badminton partner in your area. In fact, not only for finding a badminton partner, but for all kinds of sports buddies. With tens of thousands of members in the UK chances are that you too will find a badminton partner. And because Sportpartner has been developed for this one specific goal, it has been working very well for over 10 years.

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