January 27 2018

Sicher gut für jüngere Partner

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March 28 2017

Superb Services

Great platform to search your own sportpartner.


September 21 2016

Become a Member

Its a very good system for sport partner.


January 24 2015

Pretty awesome site and worth checking out

I’m a runner, swimmer and longtime cyclist – yes, I do triathlons too – and I’ve taken advantage of SportPartner to help me find people who share my passions and can help me train for my events. Setting up my profile was easy. The interface was smooth. And it really didn’t take a lot of effort to get some good local matches and start messaging. Pretty awesome site and worth checking out, that’s why I sent a reg link to all my family and friends.


January 24 2015

SportPartner Allowed Me to Search Specifically for Female Golfers

Golfing has always been a passion of mine but it’s hard to find fellow females to go play a round with. Now, I’ve got nothing against playing with the fellas but sometimes it’s nice to spend the afternoon playing with other women. SportPartner allowed me to search specifically for female golfers in my age range which was ideal for my needs. Is SportPartner perfect?—Not yet, but it’s better than almost anything else out there.


January 24 2015

SportPartner Changed My Life (a little :-))

There’s no other way to really say it…SportPartner changed my life. Less than a year ago I was overweight, alone and depressed. I was caught in a self-destructive cycle where I was unhappy because of how I looked, but I’d eat as a source of comfort which only made the problem worse. SportPartner allowed me to meet a couple of incredible people who have helped motivate me to get off the couch and turn my life around. Since creating my profile I’ve lost 12 pounds, look better and, most importantly, feel better about myself.


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